Eight signs that the body has fought the coronavirus on its own, without you being aware of it

Experts say there is a possibility that some people may have contracted the virus before the epidemic officially began. If you have had mild forms of these symptoms, you have probably successfully contracted the virus by yourself.

Eye infection

New research has shown that eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, can be a symptom of covid-19.

Dry cough

One of the most common and recognizable symptoms of coronavirus is a dry cough.

Mental fatigue

Although not officially recognized as a symptom of coronavirus, some infected patients have reported it as a symptom.


In addition to a dry cough, this is the biggest indicator of coronavirus.

Difficulty breathing

The feeling of pressure in the chest and the inability to breathe deeply also appear as symptoms of covid-19.

Loss of sense of smell and taste

The British Association of otorhinolaryngologists recently warned that the loss of sense of smell and taste could be a symptom of the virus.

This model also shows a bell-shape curve where the left most end of the curve’s tail represents the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in a country, and the right most end of the curve’s tail represents the last predicted case of infection, the inflection point or the peak in the bell-shape curve represents the highest number of cases after which the rate of infection begins to slow down, and the area under the entire curve which represents the total predicted number of people who will have contracted the virus.

The research predicts that the Covid-19 “end date” in the world will be on January 5, 2021.

Stomach problems

Of the 204 infected people who took part in the study, 48.5 percent reported diarrhea as a symptom.

Physical fatigue

Another symptom of Covid-19, which occurs with colds, influenza virus, and a number of other viruses, is fatigue and exhaustion.

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