Medical experts answer – how do you know if you’ve already had a coronavirus? Read the answers to the key questions about Covid-19

Symptoms of Covid-19 are difficult to pinpoint – they vary from case to case and vary in severity, with as many as 25 percent of infected patients having asymptomatic carriers, or those who show no signs of infection at all, or are unnoticeable. .

Two medical workers, of the United States, answer questions about Covid-19.

1. Is there any way to find out if someone had a Covid 19 without knowing it?

“At the moment we have no test for that. We are developing antibody-based tests to see if someone has had an infection but is not yet ready to use it. The only sure way to find out if someone has had coronavirus is to test it while you have any symptoms and the test is positive.

2. Is it possible that I had a corona and had no symptoms of the disease?

“Coronavirus has a wide range of symptoms, from people who have no symptoms at all to those with mild symptoms, similar to colds – runny nose and headaches, to people with more severe symptoms – fever, muscle aches, lack of oxygen, coughing. “These are people with serious illnesses who have major respiratory problems and who need medical attention.”

3. What is the percentage of people who do not show symptoms?

“Currently in New York we are testing only those with the most severe symptoms. So, we don’t have accurate data on that. However, a study in Iceland found that 50 percent of infected patients showed no symptoms.

4. Can people who are asymptomatic transmit the virus?

“Most people have no symptoms and are only infected for a while. But we do not know how long, because at this time we do not have tests for asymptomatic infection. “When people have no symptoms, they are contagious for a day or two before the symptoms develop, and once the symptoms appear, they continue to be contagious.”

5. If I have had coronavirus, can I be infected again?

“There is no evidence that anyone has contracted the virus twice. Someone who has a normal immune system, who has reacted to the virus and recovered, should have good immunity for a long time, at least a year, and maybe a lifetime. “There have been reports from China of people being tested positive for the second time, but most scientists believe this is a problem with inaccurate testing, not that people have been infected twice with the same disease.”

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