Radical Cleaning Of The Respiratory System: This Strengthens The Lungs And Increases Their Capacity!

The lungs perform many important functions – they remove carbon dioxide, protect the body from the ingress of dust and other harmful substances, and most importantly, supply the organs and tissues with oxygen. Complete life activity of the organism without the lungs is impossible, and human health depends on their condition.

At rest, the tissues of the human body consume about 0.3 liters of oxygen per minute. This is ensured if the lungs are healthy.

Causes of respiratory dysfunction

Lung problems can occur for a variety of reasons, the most common of which are:

-exhalation of exhaust gases and chemical vapors
-improper treatment of colds
-unbalanced diet

All this leads to the fact that the body lacks oxygen, which, above all, disrupts the brain and can be the cause of various diseases.

Symptoms of lung disease

If the lungs are not functioning properly, the following symptoms might occur:
-persistent cough
-stagnant breath
-frequent headaches
-rapid fatigue

If the lungs are clean, then more oxygen comes into the body, which speeds up metabolic processes, contributes to the rapid recovery of cells and healing of the whole organism.

Lung cleansing tips

Special exercises will help prevent mucus from clotting and settling in the lungs. Just do the following:

-in the morning after waking up, sit down and relax your muscles as much as possible
-lift your head slightly and inhale as much air as possible through your nose
-hold your breath for a few seconds
-breathe slowly through the mouth
-repeat the exercise for a few minutes, three to four times

Exercise should be done in the morning, as mucus develops in the lungs at night. You can repeat the exercise during the day.

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