The Second Wave Of CoronaVirus Is Happening Right Now! Everyone Is Getting Infected! This Is How To Protect YourSelf From The Virus!

The coronavirus first or second wave has hit the whole world, and over 12 million people have been infected and more than half million have lost the battle with the virus.

There is a big chance if you have a good immunity system that you already had the virus with no symptoms, but if you are sure that you did not had the virus and that you are probably not an asymptomatic person, this is hot you should protect yourself:

You need to continue wearing protective face mask in order to protect your closest family and yourself mostly.The most effective masks are KN95 and you must own one. After wearing it, just clean it with disinfection spray.

You need to wash your hands more often , just like you did in the past few months.

You need to continue taking vitamin D3 because it was proven that it is the most effective in the war against the coronavirus.

You need to avoid going on places where you can get infected like crowded places, protests, churches, restaurants, gyms etc.

You need to exercise in order to keep your body healthy and your immunity system strong.


You need to eat fresh food and meat to keep your blood and iron strong.

You have to cancel all your planned weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

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