You may also have had a coronavirus: These symptoms are an indication of this – one particular will tell it

Loss of sense of smell or taste is certainly one of the symptoms of coronavirus.

The coronavirus is gaining momentum around the world, and we must also mention that there are many asymptomatic cases, so there are people who have contracted the virus and do not know it.

These symptoms may also prove it:

Runny nose, chest pain, stuffy nose
Dr. Atkinson claims that a runny nose, sore throat and chest, a stuffy nose – could be mild symptoms of the coronavirus, but many who have had these symptoms have simply attributed them to a cold or an allergy.

Decreased or lost sense of smell and taste

Loss of sense of smell or taste is certainly a symptom of the coronavirus, and can occur along with a runny nose, chest pain and sore throat.

Decreased appetite

If you have or have had a decreased appetite, it may be due to the coronavirus. Dr. Atkinson says that the body that is attacked by Covid-19 can not receive much food in it.

Loss of breath

Symptoms such as cough, chest pain and shortness of breath are not uncommon for the coronavirus. However, the cough does not necessarily have to occur.


If you have had a coronavirus without knowing it, it is not uncommon for you to be tired and lack energy because your body is exhausted from fighting the virus.

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