How long have you been married? Here are the happiest years and the most critical for the relationship!

Family law experts from Slater and Gordon surveyed 2,000 couples and found out which years of marriage are happiest and which are most difficult. They say that if you survive those difficult moments as a couple, the chances are high that you will live together until old age.

3rd year

After three years of marriage, the partners become more willing to accept the shortcomings of the other party and then their life becomes more comfortable and more relaxed. During these three years, many couples decide to have a child, which further strengthens their relationship. For the third year of the marriage, they say she is the happiest. Couples usually have two salaries, agree on a place where their children will grow up, they are very optimistic…

5th year

Experts say that in this period more serious problems begin. Children are small and know how to exhaust their parents, because of which they know how to move away, to quarrel… It is difficult to reconcile all work and home responsibilities, so there is a lot of stress in the marriage. He also suffers from a sex life. One in three men said they did not feel loved, and one in five honestly admitted that there were days when they regretted getting married. By the way, it is in the 5th year of marriage, couples often visit lawyers and initiate divorce lawsuits. That is why that year is the most critical in the relationship.

7th year

If the partners survive the 5th year of marriage and remain in a relationship, then they are entering a very complicated period. By age 7, family life has become routine. There can often be disputes over finances, children, or the distribution of household chores and other responsibilities. Experts say that if the marriage does not break up, there is a good chance that the couple will live together into old age.

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