PREVENTION AND TREATMENT: These vitamins play a major role in protecting the lungs

Vitamin A, found in milk and cheese, carrots and green leafy vegetables, and vitamin E, found in oils, nuts and seeds, are believed to boost immunity.

Cheese, nuts, and leafy vegetables can help prevent lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema, and even the common cold. A British study of 6,000 people and their food diaries found that people with low levels of vitamins A, E and D had more problems with their respiratory system, even when other factors such as weight and smoking were taken into account.

Vitamin A, found in whole milk and cheese, carrots and dark green leafy vegetables, and vitamin E, found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, are believed to boost immunity. But supplements are often needed to raise vitamin D to a healthy level. Of the 6,000 people, only 33 developed respiratory problems, and the research team could not determine why vitamins affect it. They said more work was needed to “assess the implications of the ongoing study in the context of the current coronavirus pandemic”.

The leading author of the research, prof. Adrian Martino of Queen Mary University in London said some studies suggested that people with lower levels of vitamin D may be more susceptible to the coronavirus. Dr Suzana Almosavi of the School of Public Health at Imperial College London added: “We know that a good diet is the basis of good health. In the first case, our findings emphasize the importance of a complete diet and the need to achieve adequate intake of vitamins A and E from the diet. “However, in the case of vitamin D, the food supply is not able to provide sufficient levels of this vitamin.”

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