True Weight Loss Story: How I Lost 50 Pounds In 2 Months By Changing Only One Thing

I was never skinny girl. Every time I ate something sweet or some burger, I think that instantly I was gaining a few pounds. That was really frustrating for me because I have a lot of friends that were drowning in fast food and still remain skinny. But, I guess that’s just metabolism. It won’t happen to me no matter what I do. So, I decided to make changes in my diet, and try to start loving the healthy food and healthy lifestyle. That change made me lose 50 pounds in 2 months, and the best thing is, I don’t miss the fast food at all.

So, what I did? I was a person that was always on some diet, but I hardly was getting any results because most of the time, my skinny friends were gonna call and invite me for some dinner, and you know, there goes my diet 🙁 .

When I decided to end that chapter in my live, I made this changes:
-I started exercising 3 rimes a week
-I started walking everywhere I needed to go (I really found it helpful this watch to track my steps, I made a oal to walk around 10.000 steps per day)

-I changed my whole diet plan

This was my diet plan:

I ate fruit for breakfast (2 pieces from the same fruit)
Until lunch, I am drinking coffee of unsweetened tea
On lunch time I usually ate tuna salad (no bread at all), chicken steak salad, salad with vegetables and avocado, salad made from tomato, cucumber and cheese. These kind of meals made me full and not hungry during the rest of the day.
I was also drinking a lot of water, especially with my diet coffee that boots weight loss.

My dinner was around 19-20 p.m . Most of the time, I was eating half of the amount of food I had for lunch.
Some time, good idea id to eat just salad, but that depends of how much hungry you are.
3 times a week, I would afford to drink a glass of wine after my dinner. It won’t ruin you diet if you drink 2 glasses of wine (hurray 🙂 )
In two months my friends could’t recognize me. My total body look was change, I lost 50 pounds and what is most important, I felt great with myself.

What I haven’t mentioned, is that I also used very good product that helped me remove my cellulite. I am still using it, and it is called the “Lose fat machine” and I have to admit that I am more then satisfied from it. You can order it from the link below:

If you are in the same position as I am, don’t hesitate to try my diet plan, it will work. I the last thing I forgot to say is, sometimes I had cheat meals, but here I am , still looking good. Good luck to all!

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