“The alarm is on”: Women, these are 7 clear signs that you must visit a gynecologist as soon as possible

Although many women find it uncomfortable to go to a gynecologist, such examinations should not be avoided.

If you have any of these symptoms, you must visit a gynecologist. Such signs indicate that something is wrong with your body and that it is sending you signals.

Here are the symptoms:

Painful menstruation

It is normal to feel discomfort during the menstrual cycle, but if the pain is severe and unbearable then you should visit a gynecologist.

Heavy bleeding

You should not neglect this in any way. Also pay attention to whether your menstrual cycle lasts longer than usual. Do not wash the intimate area with boiling water as this can also contribute to heavy bleeding.

Irregular menstruation

The reason for this can be pregnancy, stress, but also polycystic ovary syndrome.

A different secretion

Have you noticed more secretion, with a different color and unpleasant smell? This may indicate a bacterial infection.

Pain when urinating

It may indicate a sexually transmitted infection associated with the urinary tract.

Fluid flowing from the breast

If this happens to you and you are not pregnant, it could mean that you have some hormonal problems.

Pain during sexual intercourse

Normally, you should not have pain during intercourse, and if you do, they may indicate an infection.

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