4 habits of couples who have a healthy and stable relationship

A good and healthy relationship is created by building partners together, which requires effort, will, understanding and, of course, love. Psychotherapist Suzana B. Phillips argues that people who are in a strong, stable and healthy relationship have certain habits. Whether you are in a healthy or toxic relationship or you are completely single, below you will find guidelines that will surely contribute to your love life.

Eye contact

We are part of a culture that requires careful observation of a few things, such as our own responsibilities, the responsibilities of children, the responsibilities that are created in and around our home. Add to that the constant looking at screens and cell phones and we get busy eyes that often do not have time for those we love. But we all know very well that to look someone in the eye means to connect with that person on a deeper level, to show respect or love.

In addition to connecting, looking into the eyes can mean a truce if it happens in the middle of a discussion or quarrel. Also, looking into the eyes of an event or a crowd is a message to tell your partner that you are there and that you love him. Therefore, if you want to follow the example of couples who have a healthy and stable relationship, make eye contact in your relationship.


Research has shown that it is extremely important for people that the people they are in a relationship with have a sense of humor, that is, to be able to laugh together and do the same things. Laughing together reduces stress and tension and connects people. It has also been proven that partners who laugh at each other for small and ridiculous mistakes are easier to forgive.


One of the biggest problems with people in love relationships is that many do not know how to give in. It is always best to discuss every issue, but some discussions are unnecessary and it is better to let go. All couples sometimes quarrel, argue and disagree. Experts say that people in stable relationships know when to give in. Such people have learned that the word “forgive” comes in many forms and that it is more important to have a connection that has been built over the years than to get an argument that leads to nothing.


People who are in a stable relationship with each other constantly, in big and small ways, show and confirm that they care. Such couples are not taken for granted and rise above turning a (long) relationship into something they do not invest in. Investing here means a simple message of love and respect, a kiss, a hug, a compliment and the like. Thus, the validation does not have to be large to contribute to the stability of the relationship.

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