8 signs that you are in marriage without love

Marriage without love is often exhausting. Unfortunately, many couples are not even aware that they are in such a community.

How to recognize if it is a current crisis or it is still a marriage in which there is no more love?

1. In a marriage without love it is very difficult to communicate kindly and attentively. Usually, every discussion ends with a quarrel.

2. In a marriage without love there is a lot of silence which does not mean peace, but – disinterest.

3. The four main characteristics of a loveless marriage are: criticism from all sides, defensive reactions, ridicule and building a barrier.

4. In a marriage without love, sex is no longer a topic of discussion.

5. Quality time no longer exists, but at the same time you do not care about it.

6. Often both partners ignore their intuition.

7. In a marriage in which there is no more love, neither party takes concrete steps to change anything.

8. Very often both partners fantasize about how much better it would be for them to be alone.

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