12 little things that seem like love, but are actually manipulation

He suggests things “for your own good” that you see are not really for your own good.

Some sweet moves from your partner do not always mean love, they are sometimes pure manipulation and therefore you should be careful to recognize them.

Male moves that are not love, but manipulation:

– He wants to check on you constantly – you just broke up, and he already calls and writes to you.

– He often uses the pronunciation “… but I love you”.

– He can not live without you and that he would die if you left him – no, this is not romance.

– He says that you are his whole world and it looks like it really is – he does nothing else.

– He constantly “cares” for you and gets angry if you do not respond immediately to a message and turns you against close people because they allegedly want to harm you.

– You have just started a relationship, and he is already talking to you about starting a family together.

– Constantly gives you compliments in overdose – this is no longer flattery, but a secret tool for manipulation.

– Tells you when you drank too much and it is enough for you or when you did not dress properly.

– Tells you how much better you are than his exes and at the same time insults and belittles them.

– He calls you “stupid” for a moment and pretends to be joking, but in fact he wants you to start believing it in your mind.

– Suggests things “for your good”, which you see are not really for your good.

– After quarrels he becomes super sweet.

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