Toxic partners have one goal – to control you: How to recognize them?

He makes you jealous scenes, he does not like your friends and colleagues, he dramatizes if you ask for time for yourself – learn to distinguish between toxic people and caring partners.

Many times people blinded by love do not pay attention to the difference between toxicity and excessive care, so they fall into the trap of partners who just want to control them.

You must not allow anyone to suffocate your life, because no matter how much you want to see these people as caring, in fact they just want to control you and will never change.

How to recognize that you are in a relationship with a toxic partner and what you should pay attention to:

1. He constantly makes you jealous. He is jealous of where you are, what you do and with whom, he does not like your friends and colleagues, or anyone else you come in contact with. No, he does not care about you, but he does not want you to have other people around you.

2. He almost never trusts you. It almost always interrogates and re-examines you for whatever you say, and sometimes even tests you to check your sincerity and whether you will be caught lying.

3. Always make a scene if you do not do something as he wants. He tortures you with his demands and desires and wants to be either his / her or not at all. It does not allow you to have your own opinion and opinion even on the simplest things.

4. Can not resist turning over and checking your stuff. It controls your life to such an extent that it can not stop checking your purse, phone and in every way violates your privacy.

5. Criticizes your opinions and choices. Nothing ever costs him and none of you’s enough, nor do you need support when you need someone to push you for your personal development.

6. Rarely allows you to enjoy time spent alone. Whenever you want to spend time with yourself, it violates this right, and if you rebel, it makes drama because you do not want to be together. Seeing with your friends, on the other hand, is almost always disrupted by hundreds of calls or sudden appearances.

7. Accuses you of getting what he wants. It often happens that he plays with you on the “culprit” card, makes you feel bad and guilty and by manipulation causes you to change your mind, feel sorry for him and get what he wants.

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