12 signs that you are in a stable relationship that has the potential to last forever

Of course, there is no guarantee, but some signs show that the relationship has the potential to last forever, and you can stay happy forever.

Toxic relationships are something you must not allow yourself – life is too short to lose to people who do not deserve you.

It is important to recognize a toxic partner, to leave and to continue the search for the right one.

But love is not the only key. There are many other things you need to have in order to have a stable relationship.

And if you are already in a serious relationship, make sure it is stable and worth investing even more in.

These are some of the many signs that reveal this:

1. You both see opportunity and potential where others see challenge and difficulty.

2. You both know that you have nothing to envy and jealousy. You do not compete, on the contrary, you encourage each other.

3. You do not allow yourself to be “suffocated” by other people’s traditions and principles, you create your own rules and traditions.

4. Do not let the past be an obstacle and determine your future.

5. You both see the love around you in the same things and focus on your interests.

6. You both strive for your needs in life in the long run and do not stand still, you want to progress together and your daily life is not monotonous.

7. You both remember, appreciate and pay attention to the little things in the relationship.

8. You both know that love is not a fairy tale, that life has its ups and downs, but you do not give up and support each other.

9. Neither of you expects the other to be a thought reader, and you know that communication and openness are key to understanding.

10. You both recognize the “friendship” in the relationship, ie the honest and relaxed relationship, the opportunity to talk about any topic and never get bored alone or in the company of other friends.

11. You both value quality more than quantity – it’s important to you that the time spent together is for you, not for phones, social networks and work.

12. You both do not allow anyone to interfere in your relationship, you put yourself in front of everyone else, mutual opinions are important to you and you do not want anyone to influence your life together.

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