6 characteristics of women that men never dump

What kind of women do men want and what are their characteristics and habits that make them never be left behind and replaced?

Of course, every woman is special in herself and deserves to be loved, but it is important to be her own, independent and have a few more characteristics so that no man feels the need for something different.

Women who know what they want, have strong views and are independent are strong and powerful women that no one else can replace.

These 6 characteristics have women that no man would want to leave:

1. They have their own attitude and opinion, they express it clearly, but in a cultural way, full of respect for the other person.

2. They admit their mistakes and try not to repeat them.

3. Ask for help when they need it instead of acting omnipotent and that they do not need a husband or anyone else in life.

4. They know how to manage money well, do not spend excessively and unnecessarily, they know how to manage the budget, and they have a sense of entrepreneurship.

5. They share feelings instead of acting cold, arrogant and unattainable and enjoy the intimate moments that they initiate themselves.

6. They value their freedom, and they give it to their partner, but without going to extremes.

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