11 ways your marriage will change when you have a baby

Every day you will have to actively choose marriage to be your priority.

Becoming a parent is the biggest reason for marriage for many couples, but the birth of a baby changes a lot in the functioning of married couples.

Ways your marriage will change after your baby:

– The quality time spent together will look a little different than when you were just the two of you, and even the morning coffee routines will be a pleasure.

– You will become a stronger community when you go through the difficulties together and you will be a team in the true sense of the word.

– Your love for each other will grow through the love you share for your child.

– Knowing that you are an example to your child, you will both start practicing better, healthier habits.

– If you both work, the stress level will be higher due to scheduling problems around caring for the child.

– The mother may forget the focus of the marriage, due to the excessive responsibilities around the child.

– You will have to actively choose marriage every day to be your priority.

– Parenting will bring out the best, but also the worst of you, so you will really get to know your partner as a person and you will connect.

– Your travel plans will change and will look completely different and will depend on key details about the child, but not forever.

– Your marriage will become an example of a safe nest full of love for your little one.

– At times you can lose your individuality and become “us”.

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