12 signs that you are in a healthy love relationship

Today’s meeting and today’s relationships are adapted to the modern world. However, a healthy relationship remains based on love, trust, chemistry, connection and communication.

What should a healthy love affair look like? Will you recognize when the end is near and when you are not for each other?

1. You have the same goal in life.
You both know what you want and what you expect in life. You have your common goals that you strive to achieve.

2. Respect your partner’s family and friends.
You may not agree with everyone, but you try to respect them and that is very important in a relationship.

3. Can’t wait to see each other.
Even if you live together, you can hardly wait to get home from college or work. You look forward to the weekends to spend more quality time together.

4. But you also know how to spend time separately.
You take time for yourself and your individual responsibilities.

5. You know how to calm down after a fight.
Scolding is not unhealthy for a relationship. It is important how you deal with the relationship after the argument.

6. You love yourself as you are, with all the virtues and flaws.
It is not always easy to find a compromise, but you do it successfully.

7. You manage to stay true to yourself and keep your “I”.
It does not mean that you should always have the same opinion and views with your partner. Stand on your own.

8. You invest equally in the relationship.
Everyone should strive equally for the relationship to last and to be “nurtured”.

9. You know what the common future should look like.
Do you have a vision for the family, children, plans …

10. Support yourself in growing and upgrading as a person.
Support from home is probably always the most important thing, so that you can progress in what you want.

11. You talk.
Communication is key in healthy relationships. Never stop talking about everything!

12. Trust yourself, at any cost.
Trust and loyalty are the backbone of any success love story.

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