6 honest female confessions “why I cheated on my husband”

Some women who have committed adultery say that this is their biggest mistake, while others say that it has made their family life flourish. Read these sincere confessions…

Unfortunately, infidelity occurs in many relationships and marriages.

Women spoke anonymously on the topic “why I cheated on my husband”:

“That was a long time ago, more precisely 6 years ago. We were just getting married, and I had a feeling that I had not tried everything and that I had not experienced enough in life. I felt as if I was limiting myself to getting married, so at a party, without a little drunkenness, a stranger was courting for a moment and I thought why not. We had sex in the toilet of the bar. “It was really uncomfortable and I later regretted doing it.”

“I still deeply regret my infidelity. My husband and I had a crisis, our relationship got cold, we both lived our lives… I had a good friend, whom I knew was in love with me. He supported me in everything, told me how beautiful and smart I am and how happy my husband is to have me, but he is not aware of it. Honestly, I melted away from these compliments and everything happened suddenly. But I felt I had done something wrong. “Then I calmed down with my husband, but I lost a friend.”

“I think almost everyone happens to betray someday. I do not see how this would affect my relationship with my husband. It is all a parallel world to me. It happened spontaneously with a colleague from the office when we were carried away by the passion. “I had an incredible surge of adrenaline, but I generally think it just made me a better mother and wife.”

“I knew my husband was cheating on me. He did not even hide much from me to be honest. We sat down and talked about trying to have an open marriage instead of getting divorced. After we made that deal, we were all happier. “Our family life is flourishing.”

“There is nothing worse than infidelity. I did it once and kept it for a long time, but it did not bother me with an incredible pang of conscience. There was really no need to let a stranger into my intimate circle. Infidelity never goes unnoticed. “I talked to my husband openly and then I needed too much time and energy to get our marriage back on track.”

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