Three “disadvantages” that women want in men

Male charm can hardly be described in words. Many times this hidden sex appeal is composed of small things that make a man special and simply irresistible.

Women know best what exactly it is about.

These are the three “flaws” that women want in men:

Although in childhood we avoided boys who acted like bugs, today glasses are a perfect fashion detail that interests women.

Carefully selected glasses leave an impression of experience, maturity and intelligence – qualities that hardly any woman can resist.

Three-day beard
The “young” beard of only three days is a real bait for women. It is not about the chin as such, but about something rebellious and very casual in the appearance of the man.

Gray hair
According to one study, more than two-thirds of women find gray hair desirable in men. Richard Gere pioneered this look, and it still draws sighs from women.

Although more and more men today are resorting to hair dye to mask the first signs of aging, women prefer men with neat gray locks, rather than an artificial look that can not go unnoticed.

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