How To Seduce Every Woman? These 10 Things Always Help!

If women are unknown field for you, you are lucky because we have the solution for you! This is how you can seduce every woman. Stick to these 10 things!

1. Women don’t like man that give them too much compliments. Give them a compliment once in a while, if you over do it, they will talk with their friends how you are chasing her all the time, and you will be marked as a stalker.

2. Women like gifts. They like small surprises that show the love you feel for her

3. Women like you to lie their images on Social Media – especially when they like you too!

4. Women like when you answer their text on time, if you don’t do that, they will think you are busy (with another woman).

5. Women like drama. They hate monotony. They like to fight a little over stupid thing and then makeup and cuddle.

6. Women like man that are fans of kids. Seeing you being nice and good with children will melt them!

7. Women like when their partner is funny. Sense of humor is everything.

8. They like when you are noble. Helping homeless guy or helpless people on the street (you should do that with your whole hearth) means everything to women.

9. Women like man that love pets.

10. Woman like man that never criticize them for how they look. If you love her, she will be the prettiest woman in the world for you.

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