These 5 Modern Things Can Cause Your Marriage End Up With Divorce!

With the access of Internet and social media to everyone around the globe, nothing is secure anymore, not even your marriage.
Many things can affect in ruining your marriage, bat lately these five things are most common.

1. Social media

Spending too much time on social media and on your phone can kill the romance. It was a reason why many marriages went down to filing for divorce. It leave an impression that you are hiding something and the partner is starting to have doubts in you.

2. Forgetting to pay attention on yourself
If you are married it doesn’t have to mean that your partner will love you no matter how you look or what to eat. Forgetting about yourself, getting fat, not dressing very well, unpleasant smell and other things can make your partner does not want you anymore and star looking for something much more attractive.

3. No love life

We are tired most of the time- of course it’s capitalism time. But love doesn’t know what capitalism is, right? Having less or no love life at all can kill the relationship and marriage. If you don’t make love to your partner often, someone else will.

4. No surprises anymore

Everyone need some spice in their marriage once in a while. If there are no surprises for a longer period, then you should be the one to do the change. Whether you are a man or woman, buy some flowers, buy some sexy underwear, make a special dinner with candles, anything can work!

5. Jealousy

This is the worse thing that can happen to a marriage, and sometimes it leads to domestic violence. The worse case is when the partner is jealous for no reason, that’s emotional crime!

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