10 “modern” signs that your relationship is getting serious

In the world of modern relationships, it is really difficult to determine where yours is.

You can not know for sure if your partner is interested in something serious, and the problem is that more and more young couples are afraid to talk about this topic.

If you are wondering how far your relationship has come, but you are not ready for that conversation with your partner, you should pay attention to a few signs.

As many things, including relationships, have changed dramatically, take a look at the modern signs that your relationship is getting serious:

You have a “common” series that you watch together
Netflix has become an inevitable part of every love affair, so it can help you determine how far your relationship has come.

Think about it, do you always see something different, or do you already have a series in common?

If you have a series that you only watch together and you are really committed to it, it is a sign that your relationship is becoming serious.

The partner uses the word “we” when talking about the future
If you have noticed that instead of “I want to go to Australia” your partner says “I want to go to Australia”, this definitely says something.

The partner can already imagine a future with you, so he starts to include you in all his plans.

This clearly shows that he wants you to be a part of his life and many years later.

Post photos with you on social media
As much as we do not like it, social networks have become a measure of relationships in some parts.

Keep in mind that if your partner is not an active user of social networks, you should ignore this “rule”.

If he is active and has already started posting photos with you or leaving comments and writing posts related to you, then he obviously wants to brag that you are a part of his life.

That is, it means that he is confident in your relationship and plans to stay with you for a long time, but of course, you must not rely only on this sign, because it can only be manipulation.

You have deleted all your dating applications
Dating apps are great for “singles”, but once you start a serious relationship, you no longer need them.

If both you and your partner have deleted these applications, it is a clear sign that you are only interested in each other and are seriously involved in the relationship.

Your family members “add” you to social networks
This shows two things.

First of all, his family definitely knows about you as soon as they searched for you on social media. And everyone knows that most of the time we only share with the parents the relationship that we consider serious.

At the same time, it means that your partner’s family sees you as a close person. You are not the person your partner just mentioned. He has probably talked to them a lot about you, so they feel comfortable enough to become your online friend.

You have a shared Netflix account
As we said, Netflix is ​​an inevitable part of any modern relationship.

And once you give your partner your password, or vice versa, it means you really trust yourself.

However, it is a paid service and as soon as you give the password to your partner, you show him that you believe in him and that you start with some kind of joint investment.

In doing so, you may find it cheaper to have a shared profile than two different ones. In a way, this turns out to be your first joint venture.
Sleeping together does not always mean sex

At the beginning of the relationship it is normal that you can not take your hands off you. You use every opportunity to have sex and you almost never sleep together without making love.

But when a relationship becomes serious, sex is not always a priority. This does not mean that you do not want to, but simply, you do not need sex and sometimes it is enough just to fall asleep in your arms.

The silence is not unpleasant
You no longer feel the need to fill the silence with words.

You can be in the same room, looking at your phones, doing something, not communicating at all, and still feel great.

In fact, you enjoy your company and know that silence does not mean death for your relationship. You know that nobody talks all the time and you do not feel the need to do so.

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