The Miraculous Beverage That Will Help You To Lose 10 Cm Around The Waist In 4 Days!

This simple and refreshing beverage can help you reduce the fat deposits around your waist.

Any healthy diet includes drinking eight glasses of water per day. Whether you want to lose some weight or keep your current weight, you need sufficient amounts of water because it helps all body functions work without any key difficulties.

The Miraculous Beverage That Will Help You To Lose 10 Cm Around The Waist In 4 Days!

If you want to reduce your weight, you need water because it helps you to maintain your digestion at a healthy level and to get rid of accumulated fluids in the body. The recommended daily amount of water differs, because it depends on your needs and the level of physical activity, as well as on the type of food you consume, since some fruits and vegetables contain a high percentage of water (watermelons, potatoes etc).

Cynthia Sass, a nutritionist, has taken the healthiest drink to an even higher level in order to make it more beneficial when it comes to losing weight. Namely, she has created a simple potion that is highly helpful in reducing the puffiness and in improving the digestion.

What is even better, this refreshing “Sassy water” has a pretty pleasant taste.

Sassy water:
– 12 mint leaves

– 1 teaspoon of grated ginger root

– 1 sliced lemon (medium size)

– 1 peeled and sliced fresh cucumber (medium size)

– 8 glasses of water

Mix all ingredients together. Then, leave the drink overnight and let the ingredients in it release the aroma. Consume the drink throughout the following day.

Do not expect miracles from this drink, but if you regularly consume it and combine it with a moderate diet divided into five smaller meals and regular physical activity, you can make your waist thinner and your stomach flatter without fasting.


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