Few things women do when they like someone

These are just some of the things that women do when they like someone to get their attention.

Hard to win:

It is better for the man around you to try to win you over, than to immediately show him that you have “fallen” on him. Of course, this does not mean that you should be bad towards him, but just do not follow him and run after him.


When they want to attract attention, they dress to impress.


They often laugh out loud, knowing that the smile attracts the man’s attention.

What better photo:

If there is someone who likes it on social networks, he will do his best to post the best possible photo, here is a tip for them, do not overdo the effects.

Showing interest in the things he likes:

This way they can have a topic of conversation and attract his attention.

Join the conversation:

The woman will want to talk more to you than to the others, so she will look for an excuse to talk to the one she likes.


Men want independence and do not want someone who can not live without a man by their side, so if you like her she will try to show you how independent she is.

Going out to places where he also goes out:

That way they will be seen more often, and it does not have to be obvious that he is there because of him. Going out with friends and having fun is something he will notice.

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