10 things men do when they are NOT in love with you

Have you come across a man who behaved really strangely? Almost every girl finds herself in a situation where she knows exactly what a man thinks.

In these moments, it is quite normal to think about everything, and even to wonder if that person is really interested in you.

When men are not in love, there are several behaviors that show this.

If you notice any of these behaviors in a man, it is very likely that he is not in love with you.

He has been gone for months, and when he returns, he acts as if nothing had happened

A conversation begins, but then he seems uninterested

He is not even trying to continue your online chat live

He uses you in his strange games

She wants to compete with other guys who are interested in you

He is looking for a “special” relationship, but not love

He does not introduce you to his friends and family

He acts as if he is your friend

He does not want to talk about your future together and does not want any change

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