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5 steps that may help you quit smoking cigarettes!

It is well known that smoking is a bad health habit for every individual. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

1. Set a date when you will stop smoking
Strictly stick to that date. Make sure the date is not too far from the present so that you do not lose motivation in between.

2. Be as busy as possible
That way you will have much less time to think about cigarettes. Remove all cigarettes and lighters from your surroundings.

3. Drink as much fluid as possible
Water, soft teas, squeezed juices … Lukewarm water reduces the desire for cigarettes. Be physically active. Take a walk instead of driving a car or bus. Walk instead of taking the elevator.

4. Pay attention to your diet
Avoid fatty foods and snacks. Choose boiled chicken or fish instead of fried or fried meat. If you can not do without snacks, then apples, carrots or cabbage are ideal for you. Find the taste that suits you best!

5. Change your daily routine
Try to change the market in which you have bought cigarettes so far. For the first few days, avoid places where smokers gather. Find a new hobby or go back to an old, forgotten one. Surprise yourself!

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