Stop for the coffee and exercise in the morning: British doctor warns of 3 mistakes that endanger health

The body needs time to wake up after sleep, which means that some things should not be done immediately after getting out of bed, says Miriam Stoppard, a famous British doctor, TV presenter and columnist.

As Stoppard advises, we should forget about exercise after waking up because the body is dehydrated and the tissues can not be stretched properly.

The muscles are stiff and the intervertebral discs are not relaxed enough, so if you are not careful, you can get injured. On the list of the most common mistakes we make after waking up is consuming orange juice because, as she says, it does more harm than good.

Coffee on an empty stomach? Not a good idea!

Namely, coffee overloads the metabolism and raises blood sugar levels. This is because the metabolism, which regulates insulin, is not yet fully functional.

Also, Dr. Stoppard advises you to avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach because it actually reduces the ability of the metabolism to control blood sugar, but gives a feeling of satiety due to which we do not eat enough nutrients for breakfast.

Researchers at Bath University believe that this information about coffee may indicate long-term health effects. Namely, in their research they found that this black drink reduces the control of blood sugar by about 50 percent. That’s why it’s important, researchers warn, to always eat something before consuming coffee.

The doctor recommends that it be a small but nutritious breakfast such as oatmeal, oatmeal, yogurt or avocado toast.

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