Big myth revealed: Top 5 reasons why women cheat and why men – and when exactly infidelity begins!

The five main reasons why women cheat are revealed, as well as the fact that women ‘start getting angry’ about three years after marriage – according to a new study by the Illicit Encounters site, which was conducted on 2,000 people.

In addition, it analyzes the myths of men for cheating, and high on the scale of both of them is the dossier in the relationship, reports “The Sun”.

Most of the men who participated were faithful, but there were some who were not so committed. Interestingly, the reasons why men cheat were very different, and the boys named the lack of sex as the main reason for cheating on their regular partner, while women did not state the same in their five reasons.

The study also shattered a popular myth – that it is harder for men to stay faithful. Namely, they ‘start infidelity’ usually after 3 years and 10 months of marriage, ie later than women.

Top 5 reasons why women cheat

– Boredom (no topics to talk about with your partner)
– They move away due to spending too much time together during quarantine
– Connecting with your ex-partner through social networks
– ‘I changed my marriage’
– It happened because I was drunk

Top 5 Reasons Why Men Cheat

– They need more sex
– Boredom
– I am too young for only one partner
– I met someone else outside
– My friend cheated, so I felt like I was missing something

Locking up at home seems to result in bad relationships between partners and alienation from each other. Interestingly, although they cheat, most people who do stay with their partner, citing poor finances and the fact that they can not afford to live independently as the main reason for staying.

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