Psychologist explains why men cheat: 2 reasons why even the most faithful engage in infidelity

For these two reasons, even the most faithful man will betray you, claims the psychologist.

When infidelity occurs, women shift the blame to themselves, which is completely wrong, says psychologist and marriage therapist Mark Peterson.

The reason why men cheat often has nothing to do with women, but with the emotional problems that men face.

Here is why infidelity is most common:

1. Not all men know how to communicate in a relationship

Yes, he can be successful in all areas of life, but when it comes to emotions he turns into a child. When problems arise in a relationship, men generally withdraw and avoid talking. The psychologist explains that this is a common case.

When problems arise, men withdraw instead of facing them, they then seek entertainment elsewhere. Instead of talking to you, he will choose not to make a “storm”. He will ask another woman and make up for what he is missing in the relationship.

2. They are eager to prove themselves

Many men adore their wives, but despite the great sex and love they have, they constantly need to look at other girls, and this is often done by those men who have everything. He cheats because he is not self-confident and needs to prove himself and seek confirmation of his manhood.

Unfortunately, if a man feels that over time he is missing something in the love affair, he will find solace elsewhere, but will gather the courage to admit that he has problems of an emotional nature.

Note: The psychologist explains that this rule does not apply to all men, but that the most common reason why they are unfaithful is their desire to look for another woman.

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