She “fought” with being overweight the whole life, when she changed this habit she managed to lose 35 pounds

The recipe for a slim line is really simple. Melody Wells had been convinced for years that she could not lose weight, and over time that mental approach led to her gaining much more weight.

“When I got on the scales in 2014, I was shocked by the number I saw. I weighed exactly 94 pounds. Then it became clear to me that if I did not do something, I would end up with diabetes. “That moment was a turning point.”

Here is what she has changed:

She says she has never been a fan of going to the gym, but now she knows it was because she could not find a program that suited her.

“I was very tired of cardio training, and I thought it was the only way to a slim figure. However, then I discovered strength training and weight training. “I like this type of training a lot, so it is not difficult for me to go to the gym several times a week.”

Another misconception I had was that without a personal trainer I would not be able to achieve results, but that is not true. “Only if you have good will is all that possible.”

When it comes to nutrition, Melody has only changed one thing.

“I threw out the dinner and the results were immediately visible. If I was very hungry, I would drink a cup of yogurt or eat rusks.

She also eliminated sweets, snacks and sodas from her diet.

Today, Melody is 17 kilograms less and tells everyone that if you have the desire, you can lose your weight.

“I always thought a drastic diet was needed for that, and today I know the key is a balanced diet,” she said.

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