Student shared a recipe from his mother that helped him regain his sense of taste after Covid-19, hundreds of people tried it

Kemar Gary Lalor, 23, of Toronto, and his mother, Trudy-Ann Lalor, had Covid-19 and both lost their sense of taste and smell.

Lalor told BuzzFeed News that his mother regained her sense of taste and smell after a few days, so he asked her how she did it.

“She revealed to me a medicine her mother gave her as a child when they lived in Jamaica.”

Her recipe included roasting an orange on an open fire until the skin of the fruit turned completely black. After peeling, mash the orange in a glass and add brown sugar. And then you eat it.


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Lalor tried the recipe and says it worked for him. A few days later, as his mother prepared him for his younger sister, Kemar realized that it would be helpful for more people to find out about him. To that end, he made a TickTock video explaining how to prepare the recipe.

People immediately started trying it out, and the student admitted that many of them started writing to him how much he helped them. Some of them said that they saw results immediately, and some say that they managed to regain their senses for the second or third time or after adjusting the recipe.

“My mother and I are delighted to have been able to help people during this difficult time,” Lalor said.

Karan Ryan, a surgeon from the National Health Service in the UK, posted a video for TickTock in which he tried the recipe himself. He speculates that roasted oranges could be useful as a form of physiotherapy for your senses, in what he called “olfactory training.”

Olfactory training, according to the surgeon, is a method used in medicine to regenerate damaged functions from diseases that cause symptoms similar to those of Covid-19. The theory is that this helps regenerate nerves, much like a person with a limb injury.

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