What to eat when you have pneumonia: Foods that strengthen, restore energy and strengthen immunity

If you have pneumonia, you probably have no desire for food, but you must recover your body

Inflammation of the lungs can be recognized by the following symptoms:

-A high temperature that the drugs reduce very little or not at all.
-Breathing is shallow, the person feels short of breath, can not breathe deeply
-The pulse speeds up, the blood pressure drops
-There is pressure and pain in the chest
-Weakness, drowsiness, lethargy
-Deep cough, green mucus

Inflammation of the lungs usually occurs a few days after the flu or virus, when weakness and cough increase. Sometimes pneumonia occurs without a high fever. This means that the immune system is not fighting the infection. This pneumonia is the most dangerous: the patient attributes fatigue to stress, overwork, work problems. Inflammation is shown only by a painful cough that the person tries to cure with teas and folk remedies.

In these cases, it is mandatory to visit a doctor, who will prescribe the correct treatment.

If you already know that it is pneumonia, here is how to eat to regain strength and heal quickly and efficiently:

-Eat 5 to 6 meals a day – small portions. Do not eat by force, but try to enjoy the food.
-Reduce the amount of salt to prevent swelling, ie to remove fluid from the lungs more easily.
-Cook vegetables and meat on steam or in your own juices. It is very important to preserve nutrients and fiber.
-Eat light soups and stews full of fresh vegetables, make fruit smoothies with the addition of nuts.
-Eat lean meats and fish.
-Drink yogurt or kefir, which will alleviate the negative effects of antibiotics.
-Do not drink alcohol or energy drinks. Never eat light, smoked meats, pies and pastries.
-Drink plenty of clean water at room temperature.
-Drink teas from chamomile, linden, forest fruits…
-To prevent antibiotic-induced constipation, make a plum compote.
-The more you rest…

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