3 Signs You’re Getting Too Much Sugar – Recognize Before You’re at Risk for Diabetes

A nutritionist has discovered the signs that your body is struggling with a huge amount of sugar intake.

Sugar is one of the main sources of energy for our body, but its excessive intake can cause many problems.

Here are some signs that you have too much sugar in your body:

1. You are “tired all the time”

Food intake leads to a sharp rise in blood sugar levels, followed by a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, as if you are unable to do anything, says nutritionist Elizabeth Spencer.

2. It is difficult for you to fall asleep

For the same reason (high blood sugar), the sleep cycle can be mentioned, so it is difficult to fall asleep or not sleep well.

3. You are nervous

This is an addictive symptom – you ate a dessert, the sugar “jumped”, then its level dropped, and suddenly – you want more, you feel like you are hungry or nervous.

Recognize these symptoms and pay attention to the intake of sugar in your body!

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