Leading experts answered: When will we be able to hang out with other people as before?

Coronavirus vaccination restores hope, but caution remains needed.

Although many assume that the coronavirus vaccine will immediately open up new possibilities and allow precautionary measures to be eased, this is not the case.

Health experts have warned that people who receive the vaccine should continue to adhere to safeguards – wearing protective masks, frequent hand washing with soap and warm water, keeping a physical distance, but there are people who do not want to at all. to be vaccinated.

But if you decide to get vaccinated and your friends have done the same, you have a slight advantage over others who have not, say experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America.

You can see other people who, like you, have received the coronavirus vaccine.

Dr. Cavita Patel, who worked in the Barack Obama administration, told CNBC that people who are vaccinated can afford to “hang out with other immunized people.”

Safe gatherings will soon become commonplace if the majority of the population is vaccinated. Patel announced that in that case it would happen very often:

“It is something we could be happy about because we have been postponing to see old friends, parents, relatives who are in the risk category for almost a year.”

Anthony Fauci, a leading US epidemiologist, recently said that the “vaccination season” was expected to be “open” by April, meaning that a large number of people would receive protection against covidium-19. If Fauci’s assumption comes true, Patel believes that by the summer we will be able to see more people.

Dr. Fauci reminds us that we must still be careful. He warned that if a part of the population is not immunized, we should all adhere to the protection measures.

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