The majority of women ignore the early symptoms of ovarian cancer, learn to recognize them

Ovarian cancer is considered a very deadly form of cancer, and the reason for this is ignoring the early symptoms and progression of the cancer at the time of detection.

The risk of ignoring these early signs has increased as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Namely, the research conducted in England showed that only two out of ten women would schedule an examination due to the appearance of constant bloating and swelling in the lower abdomen. This is not the case with other cancer symptoms, such as the appearance of a growth or change in the shape or color of a young person.

In the event of such symptoms, 50 percent of women said they would make an appointment for a review because of them and take them seriously. Statistics show that as many as two-thirds of women are diagnosed when the disease has progressed, making treatment extremely difficult. When diagnosed at the most advanced stage, the chances of cure are as high as 13%.

Therefore, if you do not feel well and if you feel certain changes in your body, do not skip the examination or postpone regular annual examinations such as gynecological ones.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer

It is important to note that ovarian cancer often goes unnoticed at regular annual gynecological examinations. Cancer can be seen on ultrasound, but not necessarily. Therefore, it is very important to know all the symptoms and to contact a professional if you notice them. Also, if you have regular transvaginal ultrasounds and remove tumor markers, there is a good chance that, in case of illness, you will detect cancer earlier. Note the following symptoms:

-pain in the lower abdomen
-digestive and nutritional problems
-constant bloating
-pain in the lower back
-changes in urination
-painful gas, constipation
-weakness, anemia, loss of appetite.

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