Three weird signs that you may have had the coronavirus

The medical journal Lancet has published a summary of studies on the effects of the coronavirus, and the text lists the symptoms that coronavirus sufferers experience for weeks or even months after treatment.

The Lancet lists a total of 9 symptoms in subjects with moderate to severe clinical picture, many of whom were hospitalized. According to the study, 3/4 of them had at least one of the following symptoms, even 6 months after the acute phase of the disease.

As many as 26 percent of respondents had trouble sleeping, insomnia or difficulty falling asleep, which is a serious problem because quality and regular sleep is one of the key ways for the body to recover, and such long-term symptoms count and slow recovery.

Furthermore, depression and anxiety were reported by 23% of respondents.

“These are common consequences of chronic diseases because a person has the impression that his body has betrayed him, that he can not predict what will happen next or recognize his own organism. It causes anxiety, poor concentration, sleep problems, nightmares and worries. Illness often isolates us from our support system, so we have to deal with these feelings on our own. “Anxiety in severe forms can also lead to panic attacks,” said Tessa Miller, author of What Doesn’t Kill You: A Life with Chronic Illness – Lessons from a Body in Revolt.

Also, 9% of respondents reported joint pain, which is common in inflammatory processes in the body.

“Inflammation attacks the joint tissue, causing swelling, fluid retention, muscle damage and other problems,” explains orthopedic surgeon Dr. Christopher Travers.

The study also looked at previously known symptoms such as muscle weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell and taste, and hair loss. However, the above three symptoms stand out especially in the text because so far not many people have reported them.

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