A famous nutritionist claims: If you want to lose weight, just eliminate these 2 things from your diet!

It’s very simple: if you want to lose weight, all you have to do is reduce your intake of carbohydrates and sugars.

This diet was conceived by the American nutritionist and fitness instructor Jorge Cruz, who believes that the main reason for obesity does not lie in the amount of calories consumed, but in the amount of “wrong” calories we consume daily.

What are those “wrong” calories?

The problem arises when we eat foods that are converted into sugars, which are carbohydrates. So it all comes down to insulin secretion and its role in the weight loss process. The more sugar you eat, the more insulin you secrete, a hormone that prevents the conversion of fat into energy. And with that, the weight goes up.

If you eliminate carbohydrates and sugar from your diet, you can lose up to 8 kilograms in two weeks, he claims. He suggests introducing a balanced diet, which means that during the day you should have 3 main meals and 2 snacks. This will speed up your metabolism.

In this diet, practically, there is no strict restriction of portions and there is no starvation. This rule applies to all foods, except those that contain “wrong” calories, ie rich in carbohydrates and sugars. The allowed amount of these “wrong” foods is up to 100 g per day.

Get rid of foods that are high in saturated fat and start eating more fiber and protein.

Menu idea
Breakfast: wholemeal bread with butter, a cup of coffee with milk (optional sweetened with sweetener)

Morning snack: a piece of cheese of your choice (can be full fat)

Lunch: shrimp salad (2 cups chopped lettuce, 2 tablespoons Caesar salad dressing, 5 grilled shrimp, 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan)

Afternoon snack: a slice of turkey breast, a piece of milk cheese

Dinner: vegetable steak (grilled lean beef steak cut into strips, 2 cups cooked spinach, 4 tomato salad and lettuce seasoned with olive oil and wine vinegar), 1-2 glasses of red wine.

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