Scientists agree: People with this blood type have the highest risk of having a heart attack …

Scientists agree that this blood type may affect the increased risk of heart attack in humans.

Heart health is one of the things you must maintain because heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. According to the results of the research, your blood type plays a big role in that.

What if you have blood type 0?
A study of 400,000 people found that people with blood type A or B combined were 8 percent more likely to have a heart attack than people with blood type 0. A similar study found that people without blood type 0 were 9 percent more likely to have heart attack. cardiovascular system or heart attack.

People with blood type B are at risk
The results of a study published this year say that people with blood type B have a higher risk than people with blood type A and 0. According to the results, people with blood type B are 15 percent more likely to have a heart attack than people with blood type 0 .

People with blood type A are the most endangered group
When we talk about heart attack, people who have blood type A are still the most endangered group with an additional 11 percent chance of developing a heart attack. According to expert portals, cardiac arrest and heart attack are forms of heart disease, but the congestion of his work develops gradually, while the heart attack occurs immediately. Myocardial infarction is also a consequence of cardiac arrest.

According to the European Society of Cardiology, there is an increased chance of developing such conditions in all blood groups, except blood group 0, and this is because they are more susceptible to the development of blood clots.

Scientists have discovered that perhaps the point is that blood types are carriers of proteins that are linked to the formation of blood clots. This was confirmed by a study published this year, which proves that people with blood types A and B are more likely to experience thrombosis.

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