Russian doctor warns: “This skin on the elbows can be a sign of serious illness”

Do you think dry skin on the elbow is a normal skin condition? In fact, a Russian doctor discovered that dry skin at that site could be a sign of a serious illness.

Doctor and dermatologist – Irina Skorgudaeva, warns that the skin should be hydrated on all parts of the body. The reason for the drying of some parts of the skin can be a sign of the formation of a layer of dead skin cells, which we call “ugly layer”. This is a common feature of people who work on a computer for a long time.

On the other hand, dry skin can be a warning sign of a food allergy, atopic dermatitis or vasomotor rhinitis.

Cracked skin on these parts of the hands also warns of a lack of vitamins A, B and D. The reason for the lack of these vitamins in the body is immediately visible on the skin, and if you have this problem then these vitamins are not absorbed properly in your digestive system.

Dry skin on the elbows can indicate the occurrence of psoriasis, but also diabetes.

Psoriasis most often appears on the elbows and knees and appears in the form of red spots.

On the other hand, an elbow infection is the first sign of diabetes because bacteria and fungi from skin-drying infections are often a by-product of diabetes.

Dry skin can also be an alarm for glandular problems. The thyroid gland secretes a hormone that keeps cells in the body in one place. When the secretion of this hormone decreases (hypothyroidism), everything slows down.

Depression and fatigue may occur. Thyroid hormones have receptors in the skin and have a role to provide new cells that will replace those that are constantly lost, and thus the skin becomes drier and rougher.

Dermatologist Irina advises that it is best to visit a doctor if you feel severe dryness of the elbows, itching and great discomfort in that part of the skin.

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