Hormones play an important role in our body: 11 signs that indicate a hormonal imbalance

As we know, hormones play an important role in our body so it is important to know if something is wrong with their condition.

As part of the endocrine system, they control a number of bodily functions – from how often you urinate to the rate at which hair grows.

Hormonal imbalances usually occur, for example when you are in PMS or under stress, but hormonal status also reveals some serious illnesses that your body may be facing.

11 signs why you should have your thyroid gland examined:
– Frequent or infrequent bowel movements;

– Your eyes look “bigger” than usual;

– Your hair does not grow;

– You forget much more often than before;

– Your skin is dry;

– You face fungal infections more often than before;

– You often urinate.

Four signs that your hormones may be going “crazy” due to pregnancy:
– Frequent bleeding gums;

– Your feet are swollen;

– You feel the taste of metal in your mouth;

– Suddenly light brown spots appeared on your face.

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